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Daniel Tye
Director of Account Services

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We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Growth Potential.

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Agile Displays ESL’s, Connectivity at the Shelf Edge

Agile Displays brings integrated digital tools from the Cloud to your shelf edge. Utilizing cutting-edge wireless technology and the latest in software tools, Agile Displays can transform your shelf edge from a static display to a dynamic sales tool. We give retailers the ability to drop their bottom line while elevating their customer experience.

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Inventory Management

“Let me see if we have any more in the back” is now a thing of the past with Agile Displays inventory display functionality. We give stores the ability to list “on shelf” and “stockroom” values on our tag’s.

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Top Tier Connectivity, Delivered!

Agile Displays utilizes a proprietary wireless communication technology to maximize coverage while minimizing infrastructure costs.

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What Can’t You Display?

Traditional paper labels are limited in their ability to message. Have you thought about displaying promotional pricing for customers using your rewards app as they approach the item?

Let’s Make Things Happen

“Our leadership team has broad and deep experience in the retail industry, corporate finance, cloud technologies, and systems engineering and brings together a unique set of skills to support our global retail industry customers. ”

Simon Jones
Chief Operating Officer